Desktop Computer Installation Guide for You –Basics

Desktopcomputers installation mechanism must be easy to a rookie who has had a new comp with other accessories to upgrade the system. However, he is not experienced how to install the new main frame desktop computer at home.
Setting up a brand computer in homely ambience, a person needs to assemble the system perfectly. Basic computer installation knowledge helps him to install the desktop computer easily. CPU, desktop monitor, USP, modem, USB port cable, connectors, and external devices must be integrated or fixed to run the system without tech fault.

Suggestions to Install Desktop Comp

Usually, desktop computers are not powered by lithium ion batteries. Laptops are well connected with these mini power generating tools. So plug in process must be meticulous to activate your ergonomic computers through electricity.  After unwrapping the computer, put the monitor on the table. Take the CPU and collect connector cables.  You must match the colors of cable ends or jacks with the ports on rear side of the CPU. Use screws in proper sizes.  There are different ports for fixing the cables to upgrade the system. Well, information booklet or large colorful pictures with graphs to understand the process of system installation. Monitor cables fixtures must be matched with different small ports for computer activation.  USP device controls power fluctuation. Besides, external devices like music systems, gaming console and other special accessories can be attached with the mainframe computers.

Do Proper Assemble

A desktop computer has other important accessories like keyboard and mouse. To connect digital or optical mouse with the CPU of the main system, choose PS 2 cable. Plug it directly into specific green colored port of the device. Or if it is USB connecting jack, let it be plugged into the rear USB port of the system.  

Connect External Devices with Computer

Monitor the signals of the computer to switch on. Power between CPU and the monitor must be smoothly supplied.  Locate the audio system port for fixing headphones. Usually, green port is suitable to install headphone connector. Microphone cable goes to the pink colored port for adjustment. For plugging other external devices, kindly use blue colored port.

Check System

After doing the installation of the computer, you must cross check the system once again. You must not be whimsical to do hard press on the system. When you power the device, the monitor will display the screen.  You must have the tech guide book to see guidelines for operating the system from the scratch. 

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