Error 522 Connection Timed Out: Here Is How To Fix

While using the service  Cloudflare,  the free version or  CloudFlare  Pro, you may have received an error code saying  ‘Error  522  Connection  Timed  Out’  from time to time.  If you are looking forward to getting rid of this issue once and for all, read this article thoroughly and find the key to your solution.

Why Does This Occur?

This error may occur for numerous reasons, but it is always related to the Website you are using or your account of Web Hosting. This error means that the Cloudflare could not send the HTTP request to the origin server because a network connection was not established between the two.  You may find this error in the browser you use, very frequently in fact, like, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Other reasons can be:

●   Problem related to browser

●   Error issue in Cloud Flare

●   Timeout in establishing the connection to the origin server

●   Timeout in establishing connection

Following are some extremely easy to perform tricks to resolve this issue that requires no web genius to be executed.

1. Clear The Cache And Browser History From Your Pc

The most predictable method you could have possibly imagined.  Following are the steps:

1.    Open the Browser.

2.    Choose the option Settings or History.

3.    Click on the Clear Browsing Data option.

 Settings or History
Clear Browsing Data

4.    Select the Cache and Cookies options.

5.    Select any other option if you want to delete that data too.

6.    Click to expand them.

7.    Select  From  the  beginning  and  then  the  Clear  Browsing  Data  option

The browsing data and the cache will be deleted. This can resolve your issue if it doesn’t, there are other options.

2.  Open Google Chrome From Windows Firewall

1.    Search for Control Panel in Start menu.

2.    Select the ‘Internet and Network’ option.

3.    Select the Configure option from the section called Firewall Protection is enabled.

4.    Select the tab called advanced.

5.    In left there is a Home list.  Select “Program Permissions.”  Then on the right, there is a button called “Add Allowed Program.” Select it.

6.    Choose Windows Explorer to locate the application .exe.

7.    Select the OK option and close tab.

By opening Google Chrome browser through Firewall, the CloudFlare issue can also be resolved.

3.  Reinstall Google Chrome

Another predictable way-out, Follow the steps:

1.    Go to Control Panel.

2.    Select the Programs and Features option.

3.    Select the tab, Google Chrome, click right on it and select the Uninstall option.

4.    After you finish uninstalling, Reinstall it.

Reinstalling the browser solves “Error 522 Connection Time Out” problem quickly.

4.  Uninstall The Extensions And Add-Ons From Your Browser, Which You Don’t Need

1.    Open your browser.

2.    Select the sign with three dots (…) and open the ‘More Tools’ option there.

3.    Select the Extensions option.

4.    Select the extensions or add-ons which you don’t need, delete it and remove it from your browser.

This can also resolve the “Error 522 Connection Time Out” issue from the browsers.

5.  Reinstate Ip Addresses From The Windows Pc

1.    Search and Go to Cmd (Command Prompt).

2.    Right-click and select ‘ Run as Administrative’ option.

3.    Type this command in there- ‘config/release’ and enter it.

4.    Then type this command ‘config/renew’ and Enter it.

5.    After entering both, the commands restart your PC.

By renewing your IP addresses, you can also resolve the “Error 522 Connection Time Out”  issue from the browsers.

6. Edit The Proxy Settings Of The Windows

Following are the steps:

1.    Search and go to PC settings.

2.    Select the ‘Show  Advanced  Setting’ tab and select  ‘Change  Proxy  Setting’  option there.

3.    A pop-up will appear and select the Connection option in it.

4.    Open the LAN settings option and select the Use a Proxy Server for this connection.

5.    Close your tab once you are done.

By editing the proxy settings, you can also resolve the “Error 522 Connection Time Out” issue from the browsers.

These are some of the easiest and best methods to resolve the “Error 522 Connection Time Out” issue from the browsers and Cloudflare once and for all. Once you are done, use CloudFlare smoothly, without any hassle.