How To Fix An Error On Your PC Without A Professional?

An error can occur in your pc even after you have updated your Windows System PC to Windows 10 O.S. A lot of users have been complaining about their PC crashing or being unable to start their PC even after having the latest version of the OS. Well here’s what you need to know.

The Source Of The Error :

This error is caused either because of an issue with the hardware or the software. Stop code IQRL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Windows PC error occurs due to a faulty driver which is programmed to access the incorrect hardware address or due to Virus attack.

Now The Solutions:

  • Repair your Registry and fragmented disk: 

First you need to press the F8 key from your keyboard in order to enter the safe mode and choose ‘Repair my Computer’ option. Now you need to enter the CMD in Advanced Options under Troubleshoot Options. Then select CMD and type below command in order to find root directory.

Step 1

The following CMD will be:

dir C:\Win* and press enter

dir D:\Win* and press enter

die E:\Win* and press enter

Step 2

Now you need to type this below the following commands:

dir + press Enter

Step 3

Then you need to type this below the following command

Copy/y software

Copy/y system

Copy/y Sam

Now you need to finish the commands and click on yes and Restart your PC.

  • Roll back drivers:

Switch your PC on, go to Control Panel and double click on the system icon. Go to the System Properties option and select Hardware tab then click on Device Manager. You need to double click on the device you installed recently in order to locate it. Click on the driver tab. Select and click on roll back driver option.

  • Run the hardware diagnostic

Go to start menu and type in Windows Memory Diagnostic in the search section. Click on the tool and click on Diagnostic your memory problems. Scan memory to replace all your hardware.

  • Disable memory caching

Press F2 and enter the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS). Then you need to disable the memory caching feature from your PC.

  • Scan or Remove any Virus/ Malware from your PC 

You can install any software to scan and remove the virus.

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  • Run your windows in a safe mode

You need to run your PC in safe mode always.

  • Remove the USB attached from your laptop or computer

A USB can cause problems so it’s best to remove it in such a situation.

  • Run the Disk Defragmentation on your PC 

Go to start menu and search for Disk Defragmentation there then click on Disk Defragmentation. Open it and run the tool. Restart PC after the process.

  • Reinstall the Operating System on your PC 

Sometimes, you just need to reinstall the O.S. on your PC to rectify such errors.

  • Uninstall Faulty Drivers

You need to press Win+ R to open Run. Then type devmgmt.msc in Run box. Click on Ok to open Device Manager. Now you need you go to the faulty driver and right click on it. Select the uninstall option. Click on Ok to confirm your response. Don’t forget to tick ‘Delete the driver software for this device’. You need to wait for a few minutes to uninstall it. After the whole process, close all tabs and re-install.

  • Enable Legacy Advanced Boot Menu

Restart your PC after the error. Now you need to enter BIOS Setup. You must configure the system to boot from CD/DVD drive. You need to save the settings in BIOS. Reboot your PC and insert the Microsoft Windows bootable installation DVD into Media drive. Press any key to boot. On the Windows Set up Box, click on Next Button. Click on Repair your PC option and choose Troubleshoot. Click on Advanced Options and choose CMD. Then you need to type C and press Enter. You need to again type BCDEDIT/SET BOOTMENUPOLICY LEGACY Command. Now you need to press Enter in order to run it and to enable the Legacy Advanced Boot Menu, type in EXIT to close command line interface. You will be taken back to ‘Choose your option’. Click on Continue to restart your PC.

Now all you need to do is to detect the root of your problem and apply these easy and simple solutions.

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