How To Fix Youtube Black Screen Errors

Many a time there have been complaints of youtube video player being blackened out, and with the message “an error has occurred, please visit some other time” this problem is prevalent and owes its attributes to various factors which contribute to it. Time is lost, and no content is found thus there is a search for other troubleshooting solutions. While there are several easier solutions to it, the underlying nature of the problems might be of monumental measures. A simple troubleshooting session could end up as a wrong diagnostic measure. The utter disregard for proper investigative methods causes more problems than one. Thankfully, there is a way out of this, most of this arises from bugs, and link availability problem or explicit content which does not mix nor match with guidelines related to Youtube. Web browsers can also cause this problem if the settings aren’t in sync or some files have disrupted the way as it is.

However, for different browsers, the procedures are different and may not match accordingly while troubleshooting. The number of Youtube users is large, and there is a constant strain on servers which deliver videos along with audios to the fullest. Account synchronicity is also a key factor here, suggestive videos which open up and the ones which are needed to be watched also don’t open up. Hence the problem is selective for the time being not extensive as it was thought of to be. Youtube black display error is a background error problem it falls in the same category as that of the television when it cannot detect the necessary software, or the signal is too weak to be accessed for proper entertainment purposes. Even though there is somehow sudden help for television, youtube needs to trouble shooted via online and through common sources which include friends who might have experienced this type of problems in the past for a larger period or a shorter period. This black screen error is probably minimalized these days, but when it appears, then it’s undoubtedly a grave problem to have been encountered. There are also instances of improper software synchronizations like usage of video readin software which provide support at times.

Getting started with the problem: there is a trial by Sound browser surroundings error code if it works then none of it needs to be forwarded on

Types Of Problems Encountered Here

  • Internet connectivity issues which show a constant buffering logo and doesn’t load up the songs at the right time. Looking up to network connectivity issues and diagnosing them would be the best solution and then trying to refresh the page again after shutting it down.
Internet connectivity issues which show a constant buffering
  • Adobe flash problems, whenever it isn’t installed on the computer, it shows a runtime error which prompts to show error messages on youtube. Mostly because of this, the error is pretty much apparent and not much of a hassle, but still, this needs to be resolved by installing it without any prior delay.
  • Javascript errors which run along, to disable it the hardware acceleration option should be prompted by downloading and installing latest flash player versions.
 downloading and installing latest flash player versions.
Mc Afee

By disabling the hardware acceleration

  • Browser cache if not looked up properly or not cleaned can clog the browser when watching videos, preferably the 1st video can be watched but then suddenly the 2nd video shows up black screen or error messages, cleaning up the cache and resetting the browser can solve this problem.
  • Unhealthy and illegal content can also trigger and prompt the black screen; this is due to YouTube regulations which don’t allow profanity whatsoever. 


  • For Google Chrome users and alike: Click on the Chrome Menu then More Tools or History and then clear Browsing.
 More Tools or History and then clear Browsing.
  • For Firefox users: click on the Tools then Options, then Advanced and after that Clear the Web Content and Offline Content and all the User Data