Learn Steps to Block Someone on Facebook – Tips

Facebook is a hot site to trillion sweethearts to date with their bosom friends online. It is the perfect web portal for sharing views, posting messages and of course checking videos. Activities on Facebook are interesting and youngsters like to browse in Facebook. However, due to the hacking, and piracy, many facebook fans are harassed. Therefore, they must need to block strangers who are not friends. These hackers should not be allowed to write messages on your timeline.

Block Unknown People on Facebook

Shortcut site blocking techniques must save someone from uncomfortable situation. Facebook fans regularly chat online. Their profiles with photos are displayed to promote themselves.  However, many fake persons try to disturb cute ladies, college girls, students and rich guys by stealing information. Online dating privacy must be maintained.  Stop communication with someone who is not suitable to your taste.  Facebook has given legal power to people to prevent bad guys to chat with people who feel disturbed.  You can also close your doors on the face of a mischievous person who is not attractive and decent.  

Easy Blocking Steps to Follow

  • On the extreme right corner of the facebook home page, click the privacy shortcuts
  • Next step to choose “How do I stop someone from bothering me?”
  • Make entry of the name of the facebook user for fast blocking
  • Click the name in the checklist to deactivate the icon for chatting

Name Blocking on Facebook-More Serious than Un-friending

To un-friend a facebook visitor, you must disconnect yourself.  From the friend’s list, his name will be deleted or removed. Even to grow friendship in future, he will have to send the friend request to you. Naturally, it is less complicated comparing to name blocking on Facebook timeline. It is more serious issue and facebook users must probe before blocking any newcomer or old friend.  Experts ‘reviews and meticulous studies confirm the number of name blocking on facebook. Reasons include bullying, piracy, cheating, and non-stop harassing people by posting irrelevant erotic messages with logos.
To protect the interests and privacy of Facebook users, it is necessary to minimize the cyber crime.  It is the powerful social media site.  People should not misuse it for self-satisfaction in much cumbersome way.  Facebook must be neat and clean with good scope for young generation to do the smooth exploration online.  Million people visit facebook to have new horizons for exploration. Their personal information should not be leaked to others. Finally, 1 minute tech guide from experts must energize newcomers to manage Facebook platform comfortably.

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