Pluto.TV/Activate: Everything You Should Know To Activate Pluto TV

The current pandemic situation has completely changed the way people used to live their life. Due to the novel coronavirus, people are forced to spend most of their time inside the home. It has increased people’s interest in video streaming apps such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Videos, Sony Live- it’s a long list. Some people spend their money to get a subscription to watch the latest content. But, many people don’t want to spend their money on buying a subscription to only one app and start searching for other options. Are you one of those people? Do you want to get access to videos from different apps without spending money? Are you nodding your head in a yes? Then, my friend, you have reached the right place. In today’s post, we will tell you about Pluto TV– a free live TV video streaming service. You will also find steps that will guide you with So, let’s get started!

Everything You Should Know To Activate Pluto TV
Pluto TV

What Is Pluto TV?

As said above, it’s your gateway to get access to free TV. Yes, you heard it right. With 250+ channels, the latest motives, TV shows, Pluto TV lets you access free videos that are already available on the internet. As per the data, it has over 28 million monthly users only from the US, and worldwide it shares approx 43 million active users.  

 If you like to see videos from Netflix, Disney Plus, or any other video streaming app for free, then go to the website or download the app to activate now.

 Netflix, Disney Plus, or any other video streaming app for free
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Channel List – What You Can See After You Activate Pluto TV? 

After following the above-mentioned steps to activate Pluto TV, you’ll be able to able to surf across 250 channels that are categorized into different segments, such as kids, entertainment, movies, comedy, sports, Latino, News, Crime, Classic TV, Reality, Featured, and Tech + Geek.  Let’s give you an idea of top channels from some popular categories that people can watch once pluto activate

activate Pluto TV
pluto activate

For News: You will get access to some top news channels such as CNN, CBS News, NBC News, etc.

For Sports: Watch your favorite sports on channels such as Fox Sports, PGA Tour, NFL Channel, etc.

For TV Shows: Get access to MTV, AMC, VH1, TV Land, etc. 

Supported Devices – Which Devices Are Compatible With Feature 

activate pluto tv

If your device doesn’t support features, then there’s no use in downloading the app. Therefore, it’s better to check whether your device will support Pluto TV or not. If your device will not support the application, you will not get code. This code is very important to access the app. Let’s have a look at the supported devices!

  • Android smart TV, mobile, and tablets 
  • iOS mobile & tablet
  • Google Chrome, web app, and Chromecast 
  • Amazon Kindle/Fire Tablets
  • LG, Roku, Samsung, Fire Smart TV, and Stick

Now, it’s time to follow the steps required for pluto. tv / activate. So, let’s get started!

You can easily activate Pluto TV if your device is compatible with the application. You need an activation code to begin the process. Follow the given steps to get this task done!

  1. On your TV, switch to Channel 02 available in your TV’s Roku Guide
  2. Click on Activate available on the left side of your screen. 
  3. As soon as you’ll click on the Activate button, you’ll get a six-digit code which will help you further
  4. Login into MyPluto App on your mobile phone and tap on Activate 
  5. Now, enter the six-digit code to start enjoying free videos

If you’re not logged in, then visit pluto. tv / activate and follow the steps carefully. In case, you are still facing any issue, then get in touch with our experts for instant help related to issues.